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So you are interested in obtaining a OhMyCats Abyssinian, Bengal or Highlander. This completed questionnaire will help us pick the very best Abyssinian or Bengal kitten/cat for you, your family and your lifestyle. It is very important that we find the correct home for our Abyssinian or Bengal kittens/cats, as they are truly wonderful cats, they may not be for every one. Completing this questionnaire will tell us whether you would do well with a lively, devoted Abyssinian or Bengal.

Please fill out ALL of the information requested.

To be considered for a OhMyCats Abyssinian or Bengal, you must:
1. Be at least 21 years of age.
2. Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household.
3. Have a verifiable means of identification.
4. Have your landlord's consent to bring an animal onto the property.
5. Agree that OhMyCats Cattery has the right to deny any application and the right to place one of our Bengal or Abyssinian is the sole decision of OhMyCats Cattery.

OhMy Kitten Questionnaire